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Helping You Budget

Use our simple budgeting tool to help you work out how much money you have coming in, what you are spending and what you have left over to pay your debts. Once you have completed your budget, it can be used by one of our specialist advisers to help advise you or for help with negotiating with your creditors.

Harassment by creditors and debt collectors

If you do not pay your debts, your creditors are allowed to ask you to pay and keep reminding you to pay from time to time. This will not usually count as harassment. However, they must not act illegally. This fact sheet will help you identify what behaviour by your creditors may count as harassment and what you can do about it.

10 Ways To Clear Your Debt

In this fact sheet for self help with debts we look at 10 ways it may be possible to clear your debts.

Payment Offer – What To Do If a Creditor Refuses

This fact sheet tells you how to deal with your non-priority creditors, such as credit cards, unsecured loans and overdrafts, if they refuse to accept the payment offer you have made them.

Saving money

This fact sheet explains how saving money regularly can help your financial situation. Use this fact sheet for tips on how to make saving easier and safer.

What is an Attachment of Earnings?

This fact sheet tells you how a creditor can get a court order telling your employer to make deductions from your wages and pay these into court to reduce the debt. This type of order is referred to as an attachment of earnings order.

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