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Useful web sites:

  • Money Advice Service
    A provider of free, impartial Money Advice set up by Government to help anyone and everyone make the most of their money.
  • PayPlan
    A provider of free debt solutions, including free debt management plans and Individual Voluntary Arrangements or IVAs.
  • Stepchange
    A debt charity registered in the United Kingdom. The organisation offers debt counselling and money management.
  • National Debt Line
    A free, independent and confidential debt advice service run by the charity Money Advice Trust.

Useful information

Fact sheets

  • CASHflow an approved way to deal with debts yourself
    CASHflow is a way of dealing with credit debts that you are struggling to pay.  It involves working out a budget sheet and writing to creditors.  This is similar to the self­help process set out in our self­help pack.
  • Harassment by creditors and debt collectors
    If you do not pay your debts, your creditors are allowed to ask you to pay and keep reminding you to pay from time to time. This will not usually count as harassment. However, they must not act illegally. This fact sheet will help you identify what behaviour by your creditors may count as harassment and what you can do about it.
  • 10 ways to clear your debts
    In this fact sheet we look at 10 ways it may be possible to clear your debts.
  • Payment offer- what to do if a creditor refuses
    This fact sheet tells you how to deal with your non-priority creditors, such as credit cards, unsecured loans and overdrafts, if they refuse to accept the payment offer you have made them.
  • Budgeting and saving
    This fact sheet explains about day-to-day budgeting for your household. You can use this fact sheet to find ways of planning and managing your spending.
  • What is an Attachment of Earnings?
    This fact sheet tells you how a creditor can get a court order telling your employer to make deductions from your wages and pay these into court to reduce the debt. This type of order is referred to as an attachment of earnings order.

For a variety of Fact Sheets and guides please follow this link to the National Debtline:

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