Eviction Threats and Rent Affordability Insight

‘No fault’ evictions for tenants of private landlords are receiving a lot of local and national coverage at the moment.  Citizens Advice Knowsley (a Greater Merseyside Money Advice Partner) have conducted their own research from debt clients seen during February and March 2024 and many clients spoken to made the connection between increasing rental costs and cost of living pressures. Clients stated the connection had led to being unable to afford rental costs, which in turn led to rent arrears beginning to build. Furthermore, many clients they spoke to were also unaware of how a rent increase should be communicated to them, and their rights after this occurs.

These factors are leading to landlords beginning eviction proceedings for circumstances that may be seen as the client’s fault, but the reality is these can often be way outside of the client’s control.

Read the full article at Eviction Threats and Rent Affordability Insight – Citizens Advice Knowsley

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