3 Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bills


Utility bills are usually people’s biggest regular expenses, so even saving a few pounds on them every month can add up to big savings. We’ve already talked about the importance of comparing your bills every year, but here’s a few ways you can save money on your regular energy bills:


1.Save The Planet

You can save money and save the environment by making small changes that lead to big energy reductions. Check your windows and doors for drafts that could let heat escape. If you haven’t already got it, check if you’re eligible for free loft and cavity wall insulation from your energy provider, or from your local council if you are a council tenant. Place reflective panels behind your radiators to keep heat in. Little changes, like turning the thermostat down a few degrees and opting for a warm jumper, or turning off electronics completely when not in use, can add up to big savings.


2. Go Paperless

Some energy providers offer rewards for switching to paperless billing. You can save up to 10% on your bill by switching with some companies. Check if yours offer anything for switching to email bills and statements by visiting their website.


3. Check your Meter

Check your meter reading every time you get an energy bill to make sure their estimate is close to the actual reading. They’ll correct any difference when they read your meter themselves, but if they over or under estimated the cost during the year, they could either have your cash tied up in your account for months or give you a surprise bill after your meter reading.


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